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assessmentfocus.com is a free database of educational assessment instruments and test development tools.

Every day around the world, countless assessments are undertaken to assess skills across all aspects of learning. assessmentfocus.com was created to give educators, test developers and test takers a single point of reference for finding the tools they need for their assessment purposes.

assessmentfocus.com lists educational assessment instruments, assessment design and delivery tools, and test preparation tools from around the world. Featured assessment instruments and test development tools include everything from traditional paper-and-pencil-based classroom assessments through to cutting-edge, technology-enabled online assessments and even exam proctoring hardware. Visitors to assessmentfocus.com can submit details of any assessments, tests or tools they feel would be of value to the education community. Teachers, education providers, researchers, test takers looking for practice exams, assessment design practitioners, test developers and test publishers alike should find assessmentfocus.com invaluable.

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