Collaborative problem solving assessment

Name Description Publisher
ATC21S Collaborative Problem SolvingThe ATC21S study will assess collaborative problem solving in online environments from 2011.ATC21S
Collaborative Problem-Solving Contest (CPSC)The CPSC gives teams of students one week to solve a number of problem-solving tasks requiring mathematical and logical reasoning skills with the aid of teamwork, research and technology.National Assessment & Testing
PISA 2015 Collaborative Problem SolvingThe OECD PISA study will assess collaborative problem solving in online environments in 2015.OECD
SCANOnline tool that requires students to work collaboratively to solve complex problems presented in authentic historical or current scenarios.TregoED
The Adventures of Jasper WoodburyThe Adventures of Jasper Woodbury series provides challenges requiring problem solving, reasoning and communication across a variety of learning areas. The Jasper adventures target students from grade 5 and beyond.Learning Technology Center of Vanderbilt University

Collaborative problem solving skills are being talked about more and more in the context of developing 21st century skills and workplace readiness. In addition to established group assessment tasks, usually consisting of paper-and-pencil scenarios, a number of new assessment programs are leveraging web technologies to build multiplayer tasks so that collaborators can work together in real time but from remote locations. The assessment and teaching of these skills is likely to be introduced into education and training systems as the assessments and associated teaching strategies are developed over the coming years. Assessment of collaboration during problem solving exercises is likely to receive a great deal more attention this decade. Watch this space.