K12 science assessments

Name Description Publisher
AAAS Science AssessmentOver 600 items targeted at middle to high school level. Questions span earth, life, physical sciences, and the nature of science. Items can be selected, saved and printed, along with answer keys.American Association for the Advancement of Science
Adaptive Curriculum ScienceAC Science is an online curriculum and assessment resource.Sebit LLC
Assessment Resource Bank - ScienceA huge resource of assessment tasks designed for New Zealand school students.NZCER
DiagnoserDiagnoser is an online formative assessment program geared at providing information about thinking skills for the purpose of informing instruction in mathematics and science. The content may be appropriate for middle through high school students. Reports describing student thinking behaviour are produced for students and teachers.FACET Innovations
Easy Kids Science Experiments.com!This site provides ideas and materials for enjoyable science projects starting from Kindergarten level through to about 8th grade.Easy Kids Science Experiments.com!
Elements QuizThe Elements Quiz is a free online test of whether students can match element names to their periodic table symbol. Feedback about each response and each element is provided.FunBased Learning by Sulan Dun
Genee K-12 Quiz - Primary ScienceFree online quiz assessing science concepts. Three levels of difficulty are available.Genee Solutions India Private Limited
Genee K-12 Quiz - Senior Secondary BiologyFree online quiz assessing secondary level biology content. Three difficulty levels are available.Genee Solutions India Private Limited
KS3 BitesizeHuge range of online science tests available. Games also available.BBC
Learning A-ZLearning A-Z offer printable worksheets for the assessment and learning of reading, writing, vocabulary and science skills. Free 7-Day Trial of science units at multiple reading levels with books, lessons, & experiments!Learning A-Z
MAP for ScienceComputer-adaptive test of general science and also of science concepts and processes. Suitable for students up to and including grade 10. Aligned to state and national standards.Northwest Evaluation Association
myTestBook.commyTestBook.com offers free printable worksheets and automatically scored online tests. Tests are targeted from 3rd grade through 5th grade. Classroom accounts are available for teachers wanting to register classes.myTestBook.com
Online Multiple Choice - BiologyFree resource allowing students to take Biology tests pitched at high school certificate level. Tests consist of examination questions from previous years.Board of Studies NSW
Online Multiple Choice - ChemistryFree resource allowing students to take Chemistry tests pitched at high school certificate level. Tests consist of examination questions from previous years.Board of Studies NSW
Online Science Assessment ToolThis site provides access to released state and national assessment items which have been benchmarked to the Michigan Benchmarks and Assessment Standards. Items can be selected to produce editable and printable MS Word documents.Macomb Intermediate School District
Performance SeriesThe GlobalScholar Performance Series is a suite of computer-adaptive tests for measuring and tracking progress in domains of mathematics, literacy and sciences. Results are reported with learning objectives for informing teachers about possible next steps for each student.GlobalScholar
PhET Interactive Science SimulationsThe PhET Interactive Science Simulations are free online interactive simulations of physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences and mathematical systems. A variety of homework activities are available. The majority of activities cover K-12 and some extend through to graduate level.University of Colorado
Quia WebQuia Web is an online platform offering shared assessment activities across a range of subjects matched to a variety of national curricula and grade levels.IXL Learning
Right2Learn Online Assessment for LearningRight2Learn have produced an online assessment platform for 5 through 11 year olds spanning mathematics, literacy, ICT and science. Assessments are automatically scored and a variety of progress measures and gap analysis measures are reported. Competitions are also offered.Right2Learn
Sapling LearningTurnkey approach to high school science assessment. Automatically graded content that provides instant feedback to students on why they are incorrect and instant grades to instructors. Aligned to STAAR EOC BlueprintsSapling Systems Inc.
Science CoursesFree online science games pitched at K12. e-Learning for Kids
Scoilnet QuizzesScoilnet Quizzes features online interactive quizzes with feedback. The science quizzes are suitable for primary level students. The science quizzes span many topics and range in suitability from grades 1 through 6.Scoilnet
SpongelabAn online science community platform featuring a range of games and interactive assessment activities.Spongelab Interactive
Super Teacher WorksheetsSuper Teacher Worksheets offers a range of printable worksheets assessing core science concepts.Super Teacher Worksheets
TestPrepFUN - scienceOnline assessment activities with scoreboards and prizes.Big Fun Productions, LLC
ThatQuizThatQuiz provides teachers with a free system for delivering online tests. A public library of tests is available spanning several strands of science including cells, anatomy, elements and conversion. Teachers can also create and share test resources. Student scores and grades are stored for each teacher account.thatquiz
The Baseline Mechanics TestThe Baseline Mechanics Test assesses student understanding of elementary mechanics concepts. The test targets knowledge and understanding appropriate for any introductory physics course.Hestenes & Wells
Upper Level Science ConceptsThis is a free online test of scientific concepts targeted at grades 10 through 12.Texas Education Agency
VanishedThe Vanished mystery game lasts for 8 weeks. It has online and offline elements. Middle-school children solve problems through scientific inquiry.MIT's Education Arcade and the Smithsonian Institution
Virtual Performance Assessment (VPA)The VPA aims to measure scientific inquiry skills through immersive virtual environments. Students control avatars and explore a complex system. VPA tasks are being trialed throughout 2011.Harvard Graduate School of Education
YacapacaYacapaca is a free online platform offering shared and peer-rated teacher-created assessment activities across a range of subjects matched to a variety of national curricula and grade levels.Chalkface Project

Scientific inquiry skills are extremely valued learning outcomes in K12 education systems and beyond. So too is an understanding of core scientific facts and concepts, and their place in explaining the world around us. Teaching students how to carry out and apply scientific knowledge and processes to answer interesting and important questions is part and parcel of a comprehensive education. Assessing these skills by providing students with opportunities to demonstrate them obviously follows as important too. Browse the range of science assessment activities at assessmentfocus.com.