Tools for performance and portfolio assessment

Name Description Publisher
aPlus+aPlus+ assessment and results management software is targeted towards University, TAFE, Polytechnic and Private Training Organisations. It supports numerous import/export options. Cobek Software Ltd
Digication e-PortfolioDigication e-portfolio software makes it possible to share and present student work online.Digication
rGrade™rGrade™ is an electronic performance assessment system. It supports digital portfolios, rubric development, grading and assessment, and progress mapping.Educational Informatics
Validate Skillse-assessment and e-portfilio builder tools with

Performance and portfolio assessments typically elicit more expansive and complex test taker outputs and corresponding data than traditional tests.

Tools for managing components of performance assessments could help assessment designers and educators to compile and organise extended student assessment outputs. Likewise, tools for compiling elements of portfolio assessments might be useful for managing large quantities of student work.

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