Study and revision tools

Name Description Publisher
Basic SkillsBasic Skills Assessment & Educational Services provides general materials for K12 test preparation. These packages are designed with homeschoolers in mind. To learn more Click Here!Basic Skills Assessment & Educational Services
BenchPrepBenchPrep supports test preparation for a range of established tests via desktop and mobile devices. A variety of content resources, inbuilt tests and diagnostics, and collaborative and on-the-go revision functions are supported. Study on the go with mobile courses from BenchPrepBenchPrep
CoboCardsCoboCards is a free online flashcard application also available for Android and iPhone. There is a huge pool of ready-made flashcards or custom cards can be created and used by individuals or collaboratively in teams.CoboCards is an online tutoring and homework help service accessible via web, mobile or facebook. Users can receive tuition on exam topics, readings, writing, and difficult homework assignments. The service works through a network of 'nerds' bidding to answer your queries in your specified time frames.Eureka Equities Inc.
Easy NotecardsEasy Notecards is a free study tool for creating, studying, printing and sharing interactive notecards which correspond to textbook pages. A quiz is easily created for each set of notecards and plenty of notecard sets and corresponding quizzes are available at the website.Easy Notecards
eReviewBookA flashcard program pre-loaded with questions for SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT. It allows you to create flashcards, multiple-choice, matching, any many other question types. The questions can have images, web links, audio, video, and animations. Additionally, the questions can be exchanged from major flashcard sites and moodle compatible sites.BrainMaitriX, Inc.
Examvilleexamville offers a collaborative and well-resourced environment for test preparation. Materials for several graduate-level tests are
GradeGuruGradeGuru is an online note-sharing community for college and university students. Students, named Gurus, make a profile and can then find and share class-specific notes, invite classmates and gain reward points and ratings when their notes are used by others.McGraw Hill
GrockitGrockit allows you to collaborate and compete with peers as you work through practice GMAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE and AP materials. Expert tutors are also available online, in addition to diagnostic quizzes and full length CAT tests.Grockit
Homework Help & Online TutoringGlobalScholar offers instant or scheduled online tutoring, question submission or homework help 24 hour service. A large range of subjects are represented.GlobalScholar
Next Step Test PreparationOne-on-one tutoring for LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCATNext Step Test Preparation
PrepstrongTest preparation tools and material for early childhood admissions and gifted and talented admissions exams (OLSAT, ERB, WPPSI, NNAT, Stanford-Binet, and more)Arrington Publishing
RecallPlusRecallPlus provides a combination of concept mapping and flash cards to organise study routines.RecallPlus
Sapling LearningTurnkey approach to STEM assessment. Automatically graded content that provides instant feedback to students on why they are incorrect and instant grades to instructors. Instructors can also write custom content and upload files (notes, etc.).Sapling Systems Inc.
Skill GuruSkill Guru allows educators to create and sell practice tests for a variety of high-stakes exams. Each test author profile is shown alongside their tests, along with user ratings and test instance counts. Students can pay to access tests and connect with experts in each topic. Skill guru users can also create private quizzes.Skill - Guru
Study Guides and StrategiesThe Study Guides and Strategies website provides a wealth of information on important aspects of study and test preparation behaviour. The online resources are available in 37 languages.Joe Landsberger
Study Skills TutorsWyzAnt Tutoring helps learners locate and engage tutors in their locality. WyzAnt tutors are screened and tested and qualified to provide tuition and study help for many subjects and tests. Find a local tutor today!WyzAnt Tutoring
Find a Local Tutor Today enables students to study using interactive text messaging and instant messaging.StudyBoost Inc
StudyEggStudyEgg is a web-based and iOS app-based system which can be used to convert notes, digital books and presentation slides into study materials. These materials are then periodically sent to the user adaptively based on learning needs. Materials can be shared with other StudyEgg members.Zendo Labs, Inc.
studyPerfectstudyPerfect software enables production of printable flash cards with graphical features.LuminareSoft
StudyXStudyX software consists of a variety of study files and the option to create custom study files. From these files, StudyX provides access to games, printable tests and online practice tests. Ready-topics include literacy, science, numeracy and languages.Jeff Computers
Test Taking Tips - Study offers test taking tips, study tips, note taking advice, comments about cramming and managing test anxiety, plus tips for parents. The site also provides a number of other written study and revision
TestMagic Test PrepTestMagic Test Prep offers free TOEFL, GMAT and GRE resources plus classes and resources for other exams and general essay and grammar guides. Useful examples illustrating different quality essays and common grammatical mistakes are also available.TestMagic
Watermelon Express (now BenchPrep)Refer to the BenchPrep listing for up to date information. Watermelon Express offer a huge range of iOS apps for study and revision of major graduate tests and subject areas. The apps provide analytics and progress reports.Watermelon Express (now BenchPrep)
WizIQWizIQ is an online community for teachers and students to find and offer courses. The site also features a huge number of user-contributed practice tests for well-known high-stakes assessments.WizIQ Inc.

The importance of revision and practice for cementing new knowledge and skills is well known. Also of considerable importance is being well-prepared before high-stakes exams such as college admission exams or high-stakes langauge tests.

New technologies can help students organise study materials so that they can be accessed conveniently and frequently. It is also possible for students to collaborate via revision software systems which leverage web technologies. Determining how to study for a test in a way that best suits the individual is an important first step in the revision process. For prospective test takers, or for learners hoping to consolidate new and important knowledge, one of the many study and revision tools listed above may be of assistance. For additional test preparation resources specific to particular high-stakes assessments, please see the impressive list of test preparation websites at

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